Is This The Most Fail Interview Of All Time?

Triggered journalist stops live interview with BBC to attack host over accurate introduction
Chris Menahan

May. 27, 2016

Black female journalist Keli Goff, who wrote an article yesterday accusing Bernie Sanders supporters of being a bunch of racists without any proof, had quite possibly the most fail interview I've ever seen last night on the BBC.

After BBC Newsnight host Kirsty Wark introduces Goff as a "former intern" of Hillary Clinton's ó which is a fact ó Goff stops the entire live interview to attack her, insisting she has nothing to do with Hillary and doesn't know her.

"I'm going to stop you, I'm not sure why you introduced me as an intern when I interned for her when I was in college 15 years ago," she says. "I actually don't [know] her, I interned on her campaign as a college student, I thought I was booked to discuss my column on Bernie Sanders, but if you're looking for someone to speak for the campaign I should probably encourage you to book someone else."

"We're live on television," Wark responds.

The whole interview just continues to go downhill from there, Goff goes on to claim Bernie supporters are a bunch of racists without providing any actual proof and acts like she's the victim of some conspiracy to label her as a shill for Hillary Clinton.

Reading her article, the only proof she offers that Bernie supporters are "racist" is that they're white and they criticized her.

One "white Sanders supporter" told her: "You need to be better informed on the needs of Black people."

That's it. No n-words, no slurs, nothing.

Here's the other "racist" attack: "One Sanders supporter pleaded on Facebook for others to stop attacking me and try to 'inform me' (Again this denotes I couldnít possibly be educated because I donít agree with them, but at least he sounded civil). To which another replied, 'She chooses to ignore the issues and work for her own personal interest. If that is the case than to me everything is allowed as long as itís not physical violence.'"

Wow, they pretty much burned a cross on her front lawn.

The most interesting part of her piece is this:

"I have someone who works for me and wades through much of my mail and social media so I can spend as much time as possible writing (and maintaining my sanity and sense of humor)."

This woman has her own Butters from the Safe Space episode of South Park.

Although she's the victim of our white-supremacist cis male hetero-patriarchy, somehow she can afford to have her own Butters.

How interesting.

The BBC pathetically apologized to her after the show, to which she responded "#apologyaccepted".

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