Massive US Government Study Finds Link Between Cellphones and Cancer

Chris Menahan
May. 27, 2016

Who could have predicted such a thing?

Your's truly has only been reporting this for the past 10+ years, but now a massive government study said to be the biggest ever of it's kind has found a link between cellphone exposure and cancer.

While the study was done on rats and mice, they share 99% of our genes and are generally superb test subjects.

Despite tons of circumstantial evidence with brain surgeon after brain surgeon coming out to say they believe there's a link and they see patient after patient with tumors right where they hold their cellphones, the media and leftist establishment assured us they were completely safe and anyone who questions it is "anti-science."

Now we have the actual science, the biggest study ever on the subject performed by the U.S. government itself and it's showing they're full of sh*t.

Surely, no one could have seen this coming.

Watch a report on the study below via the Wall Street Journal and read about the study in their paper:

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