WATCH: Anti-Trump 'Protesters' Riot in NM, Attack Man in Wheelchair, Perform Weird Rituals

Chris Menahan
May. 25, 2016

Anti-Trump "protesters" rioted yesterday outside of a Trump rally being held in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Video shows police barricades being overrun and the Albuquerque convention center where Trump was speaking being stormed.

Though it's not in the video above, CNN reported the rioters broke one of the convention center's glass doors.

"Some taunted police and jumped on police vehicles as officers in riot gear and on police horses moved them away from the convention center's exits," CNN reported.

Video from the AP shows protesters setting objects on fire and throwing them at police:

Here's a man in a wheelchair who was assaulted by protesters, he says he got a concussion after being hit in the head by a protester:

Here's his story:

[He's assaulted at 3:30. Speaks from the hospital at 4:50. He tells his story at 5:55.]

"...this is a rough cut of what happen to me I am Wheelchair bound person I was assaulted by protesters, right in front of many Cameras from the media. Only one came and in interviewed me KRQE News 13 but no other Media came to me but they taped it. this video is Disturbing to watch you will get mad like I did I was hit hard in the head and got a concussion this is what the doctor at Lovelace Hospital stated to me. Thank you for watching Please get the Media to report this. my rights where trampled on by the protesters and I never got to see the rally I was so late because of them. I never could meet trump or watch him to Meany people in the way and no place to go. So me and my wife was stuck at the entrance then the riot broke out at the end of the rally. We got stuck there in tell 10:30 at night then I went to the hospital then came home."

This video from Infowars should give you a good idea of the tenor of these "protesters," it shows what appear to be Mexicans waving Mexican flags viciously curse at a Trump supporting family with small children:

Here's another similar video with a Latino man proudly holding up a "Chicanos for Trump" sign getting angrily booed:

Protesters throwing rocks at police:

Infowars reporter Jakari Jackson was with a rock by one of these scumbags:

Some leftist chick getting pepper sprayed:

Rioters throwing bottles at cops:

American Indian women in traditional garb performing weird rituals as part of some protest:

Here's the massive line to Trump's rally:

Here's Trump speech they tried to shut down:

[Trump starts around 59:00]

It's rather remarkable these people think staging violent riots while waving Mexican flags would dissuade people from supporting Trump.

They're truly doing god's work.

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