Angry Birds Movie is Red-Pilled Anti-Immigration Propaganda

Chris Menahan
May. 24, 2016

Well, this is amazing.

The Angry Birds Movie is apparently a red-pilled anti-immigration propaganda film.

The film is currently number one at the box office.

The gist of the film (spoiler alert) is the main character says accepting Muslim migrants (represented by bearded pigs) into his country is a bad idea -- and he's proven entirely right.

As VDARE's James Kirkpatrick writes in his article "Take Your Children To See Angry Birds":
Hollywood, like the Main Stream Media, exists to tell us pretty lies. Most films are overwhelmingly biased towards the Left. When it comes to immigration, they will usually give us sob stories about immigrants with hearts of gold victimized by evil white racist Amerikkan oppressors. And when it comes to children's films, we usually get a syrupy sweet story about how We Are Really All The Same and how children should learn to celebrate differences.

"Angry Birds" is not a film like that. Based on the popular game for cell phones, "Angry Birds" is actually a cautionary tale about #refugeeswelcome. A group of happy, decadent, flightless birds live peaceably on an island. Red, a bird with some anger issues, doesn't really fit in with everyone else. And his alienation becomes especially acute when a group of pigs arrives at the island. While Red is suspicious, the rest of the birds are delighted and savagely turn on Red for "bringing shame" on the birds though his caution.

As it turns out, the pigs are only at the island to eat the eggs of the birds. Using explosives (much like another group of refugees, one which really doesn't like pork), they blow up the houses of the birds and steal the eggs. Red suddenly finds himself thrust from outcast to leader and rouses the birds to a righteous fury. "We used to be dinosaurs!" he cries. The birds launch a furious attack, launching themselves at the pigs' castle with giant slingshots. With the help of a legendary hero named "Mighty Eagle" (who has seen better days and which some reviewers think is a stand in for a declining United States), they reclaim their eggs, and leave the enemy city in flames.

There's no moment where the two tribes learn that they actually are the same. They are just enemies. Good guys win, bad guys lose, and we have a few laughs along the way.
Watch this movie review from YouTuber LeoPirate showing how blatant it is:

The movie is beloved by viewers and hated by critics.

Picture from their comic:

Remind you of anything?

This is the freaking number one film at the box office!

What a splendid development!

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