Trump Destroys Hillary in Under 3 Weeks, Now Leading in Two National Polls

Chris Menahan
May. 19, 2016

Hillary Clinton's huge lead has evaporated after sustaining less than three weeks of attacks from Donald Trump.

As predicted, the woman is completely untested.

Bernie Sanders, whom the left should absolutely despise right now for being a spineless coward, did nothing to attack Hillary nor put her through any kind of trial by fire. Instead, he defended her on her email scandal and said her "alleged" serial rapist husband's serial rapes are not an issue.

Fortunately, Trump ignored all that BS and in less than three weeks has already taken her down.

According to Rasmussen's latest national poll, Trump is now leading 42% to 37%.

The latest Fox News national poll has Trump leading Hillary 45% to 42%. Trump was down 11 points in March and 7 points in April, this is massive.

A record 61% now view Hillary unfavorably. The more people see her the more they hate her. Everyone knows who she is, her numbers can only go down.

On the other hand, Trump's unfavorability rating went from 65% to 56% in the last month, an improvement of 9 points. The more people see him, the more they like him. The more people see him, the more they realize the media is lying about him and he's not the devil incarnate. The more people see him, the more they see he's a real human being rather than a soulless, empty political hack like Hillary.

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