AGAIN: Black Women Run Over White Bicyclist On Purpose, This Time in San Francisco

Chris Menahan
May. 15, 2016

Almost the exact same story as the one I shared yesterday repeated itself, but this time in San Francisco.

Colin Flaherty has the details:

From SFist:
A teenaged driver was arrested at the height of yesterday's on Bike to Work Day commute, after police say that she intentionally struck a cyclist as he rode down Market Street.

According to the San Francisco Police Department, it was 4:55 p.m. Thursday when a 26-year-old male cyclist "got into a verbal argument" with an 18-year-old woman driving near the intersection of Fourth and Market Streets.

The cyclist "banged on the window" of the driver's red Hyundai Accent, police say, then passed the car and took his place in the lane in front of her.

The driver then ran the cyclist "over...with her vehicle" in what police characterize as an "Assault (Vehicle vs. Bicycle)."

The Ex reports that the collision occurred "before a gaggle of cyclists and other onlookers, as well as volunteers from the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition who were out and about for Bike to Work Day."

After hitting the cyclist, the Ex reports, the driver "walked behind her car to check on the cyclist", "moved the bicycle, then tried to run back to the driver’s seat" to flee, witnesses allege.

Her escape was thwarted by bystanders, who "grabbed the driver before she could get back to her car, and someone pulled her car door open," the Ex reports. Then "a 'good Samaritan' leapt into the car and grabbed the driver’s keys."

In response, witnesses say, the driver “grabbed her pink Taser and tried to Tase [him].”
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