Japanese Girl Shares Her Perspective On "White Guilt"

Chris Menahan
May. 04, 2016

A young pretty Japanese YouTuber says she was "shocked" and "upset" after seeing images of white people with chains on wearing "So Sorry" t-shirts and wallowing in white guilt.

YouTuber "RandomYoko" says the way she sees the US is as a bunch of "proud" and "confident" citizens which she "admires," but she says after seeing those pictures, even though she's pretty sure they're "activists," it makes her "so sad," because "now Japanese people have to think we lost the war to these bunch of miserable people!"

"I don't want to believe that," she said, "America was such a huge, strong nation!"

"This is the apology for slavery, right, but the US now is lead by the black president," she says.

"When is enough?" she asks.

"This won't have a closure, this will go on and on forever, and this will keep eating you up forever, I know because same thing has been happening to Japan because South Korea wants us to apologize forever!"

Yoko says: "The way I see the US now, is that the people in the US have ended the black slavery a long time ago, and now you have the black president, and now you're starting the slavery of the white people."

Yoko made a popular video a few months ago where she said she loves Trump and wants to attend his inauguration.

She wrote at the time, "If you think Trump is a racist, you're a racist against white people."

With the ways things are going, I think we will see her in America very soon!

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