Bobby Knight Schools Snarky Anti-Trump CNN Host John Berman

"You Must be a Genius..."
Chris Menahan

May. 04, 2016

CNN host John Berman tried to take down legendary basketball coach and Trump supporter Bobby Knight but instead ended up getting schooled.

During his interview yesterday, Knight told Berman one of the reasons he supports Trump is because he thinks "there will never be a Benghazi in a Donald Trump administration. "

He said if Trump was in the White House he "would have made sure" that "nothing would have happened" to the "four Americans who died at Benghazi."

John Berman, who was trying to feign impartiality, responded by talking to him like a 4-year-old child, "I wonder what difference Donald Trump could have made there... but I understand you're making a point there, so I appreciate that."

"Well, you must be a genius then," Knight responded. "That seems the way you're addressing things."

"Oh no, oh no," Berman replied.

"I'm just trying to ask questions, sir, and figure out your support for Donald Trump and what you find in him that makes you so enthusiastic about him..."

Yeah, sure.

"I'm just asking questions and responding with snark at your every answer, gee whiz, I'm entirely impartial!"

Kudos to Knight for calling this sniveling propagandist out.

The best part of the interview is when Berman asks if Knight thinks Trump "needs to do outreach" to "try to heal some of the rifts in the Republican party."

"I don't care about the Republican Party, I don't care about the Democratic Party," Knight says.

"You know, I'm tired of this party stuff, that we're going to do what's right for this party or we're going to do what's right for that party."

"Let's just get together and do what’s right for the country, I think that's what all of us want."

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