Trump Presidency Incoming

Chris Menahan
May. 03, 2016

The republicucks are continuing to falling in line as predicted, 56 percent of republicans now support Trump, the number just keeps rising as the inevitable sinks in.

Keep in mind this is a large poll of almost 3500 republicans.

From The Hill:
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has hit a new polling high, claiming 56 percent support among Republicans and GOP-leaning voters in a new NBC News/Survey Monkey poll released Tuesday.

Ted Cruz and John Kasich followed with 22 percent and 14 percent, respectively.

Trump rose 6 points from last month’s edition of the same poll, while Cruz dropped 4 points and Kasich dropped 3.

A plurality of Republicans surveyed, 39 percent, said Cruz should stay in the GOP race through the party's convention in July. Slightly fewer, 36 percent, said he should drop out now, while 23 percent said he should drop out next month if he's running behind at the end of the primary season.

Meanwhile, 58 percent said Kasich should drop out now, while another 26 percent said he should stay in the race until Cleveland and 15 percent said drop out next month.
The number one issue is jobs with 33 percent, health care comes in number two with less than half at 16 percent. No one looks to Hillary as a job creator, Trump on the other hand is a billionaire businessman.

All the pieces are falling into place...

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