VIDEO: Male Tranny Spits in Trump Supporters' Face, Says "Go Ahead, Punch A Woman"

Chris Menahan
Apr. 17, 2016

A masked male tranny was videotaped spitting in a Trump supporters' face yesterday during a Trump rally at Portland Community College.

After being put on the spot and failing to provide a single piece of evidence Trump is a "racist," the mentally ill communist chose to spit in his competitor's face rather than admit defeat.

The scene starts with two communists with masks arguing with a group of Trump supporters about whether or not Donald Trump is a "racist."

When asked to provide evidence Trump is a racist, they say "David Duke" and "Stormfront" have endorsed him, implying he must therefor be a "racist" through association.

The Trump supporters respond by saying anyone can endorse anyone, and ask them specifically, to name one single "racist thing Donald Trump has said."

One of the masked commies responds by throwing his hands up in disbelief and saying, "Shit... I'll just...," and then signals pulling out his phone and scrolling through it.

He acts as though this is a real response.

A Trump supporter then says: "Obviously you haven't done your research and you're just going along with what everyone else is saying, so go do some research, come back with some quotes, OK?"

The communist male tranny then responds by pulling down his face mask and spitting in a Trump supporter's face, potentially infecting him with herpes, HPV, and HIV.

When the Trump supporters call him out and say "this dude just spit [on someone]," the man responds by saying "I'm a tranny, go ahead, punch a woman! PUNCH A WOMAN!"

Another communist which appears to be female then rushes to the tranny's aid and asks, "did he call you a he?"

He responds with an affirmative.

"She goes by female pronouns," she says, "don't call her a him," and then she strikes a pose of righteous indignation.

The mentally ill female thinks the injustice which just occurred was not the "tranny" spitting in someone's face with a potential bio-weapon, but someone accurately using a correct pronoun.

Actually, hun, he is a he, and he should have gotten decked in the face and thrown into a male prison.

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