VIDEO: Anti-Trump Protester Gets Maced In The Face After Punching Trump Supporter [Updated]

Chris Menahan
Mar. 29, 2016

An anti-Trump protester was filmed punching a Trump supporter only to be swiftly maced in the face in return.

The incident happened earlier today outside a Trump rally in Wisconsin, the protester was reportedly a 15-year-old girl named "Alex," her target was reportedly an old man who supported Trump.

Update: Second video released, girl allegedly says "I deserved that" after being maced!:

Here's a fun closeup of the action:

Left-wing propagandists Zach Cartwright wrote at US Uncut this was the "worst" outbreak of violence "yet" at a Trump rally.

He scolded the Trump supporter for "unloading a can of pepper spray into the young girl's face" after she was seen "pushing" him.

Indeed, how dare anyone act in self-defense upon being violently assaulted, doesn't he know it's his patriotic duty to let left wingers use him as a punching bag?

Uncucked Twitter users had a good laugh at the girl's expense:

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