Economist: 'Free Trade' is a Globalist Scam

Chris Menahan
Mar. 26, 2016

The basic idea of free trade -- that two people trading with each other do not benefit from a third party intervening with taxation -- is certainly solid in theory, but in the real world with competing nation states how does it work in practice?

Since witnessing Europe's collective suicide through mass immigration, many of us have changed our views entirely on open borders. If one is essentially against the free exchange of human beings over national boundaries, it's only logical to also rethink the idea goods should be allowed to travel freely over borders as well.

With Trump's rise bringing free-trade back up for debate, it's worth looking at the other side of the story, specifically the question one must ask is while free trade may benefit the parties involved, does it overall benefit one's nation and one's people, or should there be borders to trade in order to favor one's domestic population, just as there are borders to immigration?

In this talk from 2012, economist Ian Fletcher argues free trade is a globalist scam which mainly benefits transnational corporations at the expense of domestic populations. Fletcher says U.S. policy has been "disastrous" ever since the 1960's and that is what's led to the destruction of our manufacturing base and the creation of massive trade deficits, meanwhile other countries like China and South Korea who practice protectionism are booming.

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