Comedy Central Show 'Broad City' Portrays Hillary Clinton As Orgasm-Inducing Godlike Angel

Chris Menahan
Mar. 18, 2016

The latest episode of the Comedy Central show Broad City portrays Hillary Clinton as a godlike angel character whose mere presence is orgasm inducing.

In a short clip posted to YouTube, the main character of the show named Ilana is seen telling her best friend Abbi how proud she is to work as a phone-banker for the Hillary campaign.

"Your best friend has been working hard all day on the Hillary Rodham Clinton campaign!" Ilana says.

Abbi, with glee, responds "she's worked in here!"

Ilana: "She's walked on these floors, she's breathed this air, take it in!"

Abbi, taking a deep sniff of the air, says, "yeah, that is power!"

Ilana: "It smells decisive."

Abbi: "It smells like confidence."

Ilana: "It smells like no bullsh*t."

After Ilana explains some more of the intricacies of her job working for Hillary, the two are interrupted when Hillary Clinton herself drops in.

Clinton is seen entering the scene in slow motion as dub-step music blasts, a halo surrounds her, and when she winks at the girl duo ripples echo from her eye triggering Ilana and Abbi to experience virtual orgasms.

The scene is literally vomit inducing propaganda, yet somehow Comedy Central is trying to pass it off as entertainment.

On the bright side, the ever-skeptical YouTube audience is down-voting the video to hell and comments are overwhelmingly negative.

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