Anaheim Police Say Protesters Initiated Violence Against KKK Members During Rally

Mar. 01, 2016

Following what they called an all-night investigation, Anaheim Police determined the counter-protesters and not the KKK initiated the violence that rocked an Anaheim park Saturday.

Police said they arrived on scene less than two minutes after the first report of violence.

Three protesters were stabbed. One victim was taken to the hospital in critical condition. His condition was later upgraded to stable.

Police made a dozen arrests for the wild melee that took up about a city block inside Pearson Park.

Officials released half of the people arrested citing video evidence that cleared them of being the aggressors. As of Sunday night, they said they weren’t holding any of the KKK members. Police believe they were all acting in self defense.

Police charged several of the protesters with elder abuse because they repeatedly stomped one of the KKK members who was over 65-year-of age.

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