Ex-CIA Agent & Cruz Supporter Who Runs Professional Shilling Company Allegedly Spread Lie About Carson Dropping Out & Tried To Frame Trump

Chris | InformationLiberation
Feb. 02, 2016

An Ex-CIA agent and Cruz supporter by the name of Dan Gabriel, who runs a professional shilling company, was allegedly seen on Twitter spreading the false rumor Ben Carson was dropping out of the race, then later deleted his tweet and tried to frame Trump's campaign for spreading the rumor.

Gabriel founded an actual shilling company called Applied Memetics and did work for the US government where he "helped pioneer the use of social media in war-fighting and political conflict."

It's not clear that Gabriel actually works for the Cruz campaign, though he was clearly a Cruz supporter.

Ted Cruz has apologized to Ben Carson saying a "staffer," who was not named, spread the rumor, but when you search "Dan Gabriel" on Google News not one article shows up.

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