Democratic Debate Totally Staged: CNN Has Audience Practice Applause, Pre-Submitted Questions Planted

Witness the mind numbingly cripplingly boring sterility Washington politics projects onto the world
Steve Watson

Jan. 26, 2016

In order to fit in with the sterile, pre-packaged scripted fake media driven world we live in today, CNN staged every aspect of last night's Democratic debate, planting prepared questions in the audience, and even having them practice clapping the candidates before the "show" began.

Politicians, and particularly Presidents, are supposed to be able to react on the fly to the most unexpected of events and situations, but it seems that we're now firmly in the age of the teleprompter President.

Rarely anything you see anymore is spontaneous or improvised. Everything HAS to go off exactly as planned and without a hitch. Everything is one giant PR program designed to hook mainstream America in and deliver exactly what the powers that be think it wants.

Which is exactly what happened during another snorefest of a Democratic debate presented by CNN.

Before the candidates even took to the stage, CNN had the audience practice applauding, as Anderson Cooper alluded to during the monotonous hours long "build up," now a mind numbing aspect of every major vacuous TV presentation of the modern day.

Because, obviously, were they not told to clap beforehand, this brain dead mass of blubber and skin would just sit there in utter confusion and boredom, wondering why it had been over five minutes since they got their last fix of fake sincerity to lose their shit to.

Then there were the candidates themselves.

Bernie Sanders said he was going to raise taxes in order to give away some free shit for the 18 billionth time:

Hillary Clinton waddled on stage and denied for the 800 billionth time that her home made email server constituted misconduct, and once again claimed "nothing that I did was wrong."

The viewers at home in an alpha wave induced stupor also would not have noticed that the questions the candidates were "asked" constituted bigger softer balls than those owned by the Stay Puft marshmallow man.

Sanders was asked if he was "surprised" by his support and the hashtag associated with the "Feel the Bern" slogan.

Getting down to the nitty gritty there.

He was then asked if he supported "women's issues".

OOOO, tough one for Bernie.

Hillary was asked by the CNN hosts if she found it surprising that Obama thinks she is "wicked smart," "knows every policy inside and out," and gets "undue criticism".

WOW, get out of that one if you can Hillary.

An Audience member also asked her exactly how she would go about the EXTREMELY DIFFICULT task of "protecting the constitutional rights of all groups of people".

A muslim woman asked Clinton what she thought about… muslims and Trump… or something, to which she responded by nearly crying.

Nothing about taking money from mega banks and giant oil companies, multiple rape allegations against her husband, or knowing that Americans were killed in a terrorist attack and lying about it though, unsurprisingly.

Then came the kicker at the end of the night when what appeared to be a 11 year old stammering boy stood up and declared that "I can see why they gave you this" before asking Hillary which former President she admired the most.

It wasn't Bill Clinton.
Staged, sterile, scripted and completely lifeless. Which is exactly what you'd expect from CNN and every Democratic candidate in this Presidential race. Everyone went home happy and slept soundly like babies.

Next up, Anderson Cooper presents the build up to the 2024 Presidential election and asks will another Obama be running, and especially with that hair cut.

Go to commercial.

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