Germany 2016: North African Migrants Attempt to Stone Two Transgender Women to Death

Christoper Menahan | InformationLiberation
Jan. 16, 2016

Sharia law comes to Germany...

From Face of a Dying Nation:
Dortmund, Germany: Last Sunday three North African Migrants attempted an execution by stoning after finding out that the two women they sexually harassed were actually men. Their honor was hurt, they grabbed nearby stones and attempted to execute them. They testified that "people like them" need to be stoned to death in accordance to Islamic law.

A nearby police patrol moved in after they saw stones being hauled at Jasmin (37) and Elisa (50), transgender women of whom one says she has never experienced such a barbaric act in over 30 years of living as the opposite gender.
Both are traumatized, installed security cameras and didn't leave the house since the incident happened. One woman called the act "the icing on the cake" - because apparently in 2016 Germany you risk getting stoned on the street for not complying with Islamic law.

This is the reality of the liberal wonderland of "diversity" and "tolerance".

Germany has been letting in millions of Muslim fighting age men, dubbed "refugees" over the past years. Not only is this destroying native culture, but as German men aged 20-35 will be a minority within 5 years according to the Federal Statistical Office, the upcoming multicultural utopia won't be compatible with women's rights, transgender acceptance and gay marriage. There simply will not be enough Germans left to defend Western values and liberals are the first to pay that price.
What do you think, is this "cultural enrichment?"

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