VIDEO: Americans Mindlessly Follow Orders, Hand Over Personal Details to a Complete Stranger

People fall into line when they hear an authoritative voice
Steve Watson

Jan. 11, 2016

Social activist Mark Dice hit the street in San Diego to carry out an experiment to see how many Americans would mindlessly follow his orders and hand over personal details without question if he assumed a position of authority.

Dice approached random people and with no explanation other than "it's a new program," asked for a list of personal information including their name, address, birth date, where they bank and so on.

The results were shocking.

Nervously handling a football, one guy immediately, and without question gave Dice all his personal information, and even spelled out his address for him.

The guy only questioned Dice when he asked for his social security number, “the final field on the entry form.”

Dice claimed he was gathering “data for some programs,” prompting the man to claim he did “not feel comfortable” giving out that information, after he’d already given Dice everything he would need were he a criminal or identity thief.

As Dice notes, the guy left without even asking who Dice was, or for more of an explanation.

A second man asked what the information was for, prompting Dice to reply “for some new programs we’re working on.” The man then buried his head in his smart phone while reeling off all his personal information, including his phone number and address, before walking off.

When a third man, attempted to “hide” from Dice in his iPhone, Dice snapped “can you turn that off?” prompting the guy to reply “yeah I’m sorry” and fall into line, reeling off his personal information. Even as he realised dice could be “stealing my identity” he STILL allows Dice to have his information.

While another man refused to give his phone number, after answering all the other questions, he still walked away not knowing who Dice was.

Only one person Dice encountered worked out what he was doing.

This disturbing video highlights how out of touch with reality many Americans are, and how they will simply fall into line and obey anyone who adopts an authoritative position, hardly even questioning them.

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