Hillary Clinton Says Snow in Las Vegas Proves 'Climate Change Is Real'

Christoper Menahan | InformationLiberation
Jan. 06, 2016

During a rally in Nevada earlier today, Hillary Clinton pointed to the recent snowfall in Las Vegas as proof of "climate change."

"You can look out the window in Las Vegas and see snow and you can realize itís real," Hillary said.

"Let's quit denying it."

There's just one problem: historically snow has fallen many times in Vegas, lots of it, the Las Vegas Sun released an article about it just today.

Additionally, leftists love to repeat the mantra "weather is not climate" whenever conservatives point to cold weather events to disprove global warming, yet here Clinton is explicitly pointing to one single weather event as evidence of "climate change."

No doubt the high priests of global warming will call her out on her terrible science.

HT: The Free Beacon

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