Parents Whine After School Puts Up Signs Saying Pledge Of Allegiance Not Mandatory

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Nov. 09, 2015

Parents in Santa Rosa, Florida are whining over new signs being placed in their schools which inform students pledging allegiance to the flag is not mandatory.

In their minds, having their children mindlessly pledge their subservience to the government is synonymous with patriotism and loving one's country.

Santa Rosa School District students now have classroom signs reminding them they don't have to stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States.

Santa Rosa Schools Superintendent Tim Wyrosdick said the signs were posted after the parent of a middle school student complained the district was not following the law.

[...]Some Escambia County parents also are disturbed by the signs, including Lisa Brooks, the mother of two children.

"I don't agree with this new policy, I think our children nowadays are not being taught respect and pride for our country," she said. "With so much focus on standardized tests, the Pledge of Allegiance is just one more thing students are losing. I feel reciting it every day helps children to learn pride for their country. Political correctness is being taken to the extreme."

Brooks said as a child, reciting the pledge was part of her daily school routine something she never questioned. And she said she constantly teaches her children to have respect and pride in the U.S.

"We have military service members in our family. I even took my children to show their respects during the 10th-anniversary observance for fallen soldier, (USMC Cpl) J.R. Spears," she said. "I told them soldiers like him are why we have our freedoms freedom to go to school, freedom from worrying about our country being attacked."
Ironically, though it's conservatives who view the pledge so fondly, the pledge was written by a socialist named Francis Bellamy whose political views would most similarly align with today's radical leftist social justice warriors.

As pictured above, the original pledge was done with kids performing what later became the Nazi salute, it was changed after the Nazi's adopted it and they had children instead put their hands over their hearts. If some of these "patriotic" parents actually looked into the history of the pledge they'd likely change their views.

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