Teen Girls Face Felony Charges For Senior Prank Putting Alarm Clocks In Lockers

May. 28, 2015

From WCNC:
TROUTMAN, N.C. -- South Iredell High School was evacuated Tuesday morning after police say a senior prank prompted a bomb search.

Dan Farrell's daughter Shannon Farrell is one of two students arrested.

He said, "I was called by my younger daughter saying my older daughter was taken away by the cops."

Farrell says his daughter told him about the prank to put alarm clocks in the unused locker and have them go off at different times. He said he thought it was harmless.

Troutman Police Chief Matthew Selves said, "We take this pretty seriously."

Seniors Shannon Farrell and Lekia Hall now face a felony charge of hoax by use of a false bomb in a public building, a "Class H" felony and obstruction of justice.

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