Shocker: Eat Fat, Avoid Food Pyramid, Lose Weight

Karen De Coster
Feb. 23, 2015

This headline is deemed “jolting”: A change in heart, cholesterol may not be as bad as once thought. This headline, in my mind, is couched in a way that insulates the guilty. It should say, “The government and its minions in Big Food-Big Ag and the medical-governmental-pharmaceutical-nutritional complex have been lying to you to further their political and special interest agendas.”

The “change of heart” from the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee is getting a whole lot of attention from the media. The web of medical-nutritional authoritarians can only fight so many battles at once, and hence, they are finally (partially) backing off in their long-time war on cholesterol.
At a December meeting, the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee discussed its decision to no longer deem cholesterol a “nutrient of concern,” according to the Washington Post.
Don’t celebrate just yet, as the warmakers are not completely backing off on the lies and politicized junk science about “bad cholesterol” and the link between cholesterol and heart disease. They are retrenching and trying to come up with a better story that’s more palatable to the legions of believers amongst the masses who have gotten fatter and sicker – or dead – on 4+ decades of catastrophic political decrees disguised as science and “good medicine.” The government and its nutritional dictators are in a reaction mode in an era where people have fingertip access to a world of self-education and dissenting opinion and facts.

I promise that the 2015 dietary guidelines, which will come out at the end of this year, will reflect the Led Zepplin song, “The Song Remains the Same.” In fact, with the new guidelines decrees you can expect an uptick in the war(s) on salt and meat, more falsehoods regarding saturated fat, and further recommendations for Big Agra’s subsidized (“whole“) grains. For a primer on the wizards behind the curtain, I recommend you read Denise Minger’s Death By Food Pyramid: How Shoddy Science, Sketchy Politics, and Shady Special Interests Have Ruined Our Health.

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