Cost of Renouncing US Citizenship Goes From Free In 2010 to 450$, And Now It's Been Jacked to $2,350

Chris | InformationLiberation
Aug. 30, 2014

Four years ago renouncing your U.S. citizenship rightly cost you nothing. As you are forgoing all the "benefits" you were going to receive, renouncing all said benefits saves taxpayers money (unless, of course, you're one of those evil, greedy, rich people who pays more into the system than you get out).

Despite this being the case, in 2010 a $450 fee was slapped onto people to charge them for the "service."

Now, that renunciation fee was just jacked up 422% to $2350.

While rich people may be able to afford to pay the tax, poor people no longer have the "privilege" to renounce their citizenship.

This is clearly a punitive tax designed to punish people for leaving the supposed "Freest Country on Earth™."

If such hikes continue at the current rate, renouncing in 2018 may cost you ten grand.

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