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Article posted Aug 14 2014, 9:33 PM Category: Tyranny/Police State Source: InformationLiberation Print

Video: Police Aim Guns At Reporters

Police thugs in full military regalia draw a bead on their betters for recording their criminal actions.

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Nickel's 2-bits

Posted: Aug 15 2014, 11:53 AM

7147 Once upon a time, the government was afraid of the 4th estate.

The 4th estate really needs to educate the government about what it means to be afraid. Afraid they will lose their jobs because of incited voter rage. Afraid their every corruption and every ugly secret will be exposed. Afraid they will go to jail because of the news.

Sadly, though, that's not going to happen. The 4th estate has accepted its subservient role.

Posted: Aug 15 2014, 1:45 PM

74248 Aiming a weapon at citizens is an assault.

If the government is going to allow this criminal conduct (and worse), they damn sure should not expect me to cooperate with any prosecutions as a jurist. Those people being victimized by these militarized thugs have the absolute right to self defense. Period.


Posted: Aug 15 2014, 4:16 PM

I'm not convinced that the cop who was "aiming a gun at reporters," was doing so as a threat. It looked as though he was using his scope as a binocular.

@74248: "If the government is going to allow this..." All this nonsense is the "government." If you support any aspect of the US government, then, you're facilitating this "criminal conduct." Rather than, referencing the "right to self defense," (that's a government granted "right,") why not try free-will? Free-will is inherent; not granted by make-believe laws and make-believe governments.

Posted: Aug 15 2014, 6:35 PM

193138 Someone should use that cop's rifle on him as a procto-scope. Of course, just to examine the lay of his lower GI tract .....


Posted: Aug 16 2014, 8:53 PM

7621 What can be done locally? Legally would be nice since I would likely not survive jail - mentally or physically and am unwilling to risk that. On the other hand, I hate what I see. Being from Vallejo, one only has to enter the city's name and add 'police' for days worth of atrocities and abuse of power videos. My friends 17 year old was killed then the witnesses' video got changed within days after the killing so you can't hear him crying , "No no no don't shoot!" Police had a vendetta to settle and wanted to kill him days before when some searched his house to protect him from the rogue ones. Unfortunately, he wasn't home then. He never pointed a gun at the cop hiding on the other side of that wall who reached over and blew him away with enough bullets to almost completely separate his arms and legs . Worse, police killed him around 10 a.m. And, despite calls, didn't tell his single father until 4 p.m.. Reporters heard first that sad 6/30/12 day. He was not a violent kid. He was just in midst of pulling a harmless stunt albeit stupid. Weren't we all stupid at that age? He should've got to see a judge and had a chance to grow up. Police don't let you run from them or disobey, even if their orders are confusing or incomprehensible these days. Even if you do obey, you are still at a great risk. It's most unfair to people who are slow in thought or physically, and/or hard of hearing. Their limits are invisible and more and more often, taken wrong by trigger-happy cops. It's truly a shame when you are too fearful of being on the wrong side of the law merely by being seen with or protesting these police actions for fear of being labeled a terrorist and/or being harassed by police. The government and Supreme Court don't seem to value our Constitutional freedoms being constantly taken from us incl privacy, the right to assemble, protect ourselves from rogue cops, etc. Then, you get our corrupt Mayor who moonlights as the attorney representing the illegal evictions of the victims families as in this poor mans case. It's obviously an "inside job" since the Sheriff who came to warn him he's the one who does evictions now knew he'd received a notice to vacate long before any court action took place. One has to wonder who told him and why? I want this to stop. Innocent people are being forced into complete silence all across America, too afraid to speak out for fear of retribution. S.O.S.!

Posted: Aug 17 2014, 1:22 PM

193138 "What can be done locally? Legally would be nice since I would likely not survive jail - mentally or physically and am unwilling to risk that."

When the time comes, you are all in or you're not.

If you are not willing to die ....... good. Are you willing to help the bad guys die for what they believe in?

Just understand that nobody lives forever.


Posted: Aug 17 2014, 3:11 PM

@7621, your keeping the story alive is a good start.
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