Collinsville Settles Suit Brought By 'Star Trek' Fans Over Traffic Stop

Apr. 26, 2014

> Michael Reichert and the Road Pirates of Collinsville, Illinois
> Filmmaker Releases Video Breakdown Of Illegal Traffic Stop By Cop Who Harassed Him

The city of Collinsville has settled a federal lawsuit brought against it and one of its police officers that claimed the officer conducted an unlawful search of a vehicle in 2011.

The suit was brought by Terrance Huff, the driver, and his passenger, Jon Seaton, who were traveling home to Ohio from a “Star Trek” exhibit at the St. Louis Science Center when Officer Michael Reichert pulled them over on Interstate 55-70.

Reichert had stopped Huff, 50, for allegedly swerving out of his lane. During the stop, the officer asked Huff about a previous marijuana possession arrest.

Huff, who works on documentary movies, obtained the police car video through a freedom of information act request. He edited it, scored it with “Star Trek”-themed music and posted it on YouTube.

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