Lessons To Be Learned From This Police Dash Cam Video

by Michael Suede
Libertarian News
Mar. 21, 2014

Webster Texas, September 2013, a man is violently thrown to the ground and arrested by the police following a traffic stop.

The video is instructional in a few different ways.

1.  For most people, the police are the most violent sociopathic people they will ever encounter.  ANY physical non-compliance after an officer announces that you are under arrest could easily result in your death or serious injury. If you jerk your hands away or protest in any slight manner, expect to be violently assaulted.

Unfortunately, it is necessary to treat the police as if they are violent sociopathic prison gang leaders, who will lash out at you over the slightest provocation or disrespect.

It is apparent that the man in the video complied after initially jerking his hands away, but that was enough for the costumed sociopath to hurl him to the ground like a bag of garbage and lie about being assaulted.

2. One of the most stupid things you can ever do is smoke marijuana in your vehicle.  The smell lingers for hours.  The police can pull you over for any contrived reason.  If they smell marijuana, you’re in trouble.  This is especially true if you are a minority or driving an older model car because most police are racist bigots who racially profile.  For god’s sake, wait until you’re somewhere private.  Marijuana odor automatically gives police probable cause to search your vehicle.

3. If you have been smoking marijuana in your car and the police pull you over, the next dumbest thing to do is roll down your window or open your car door.  You can avoid having to roll down the window by holding your ID up to the window.  If the police demand to physically take the ID, slip it out a crack in the window.  If the police order you to roll down the window, ask if you are legally required to do so.  If they say yes, do it, but verbalize that you are doing so against your own will.

If you’re not on a highway, an alternative is to exit the vehicle immediately after stopping with your license and registration in hand, then lock the car behind you.  On roads, there aren’t laws prohibiting you from exiting your vehicle during a traffic stop.  However, exiting your vehicle will usually cause the terrified costumed aggressors (who live in perpetual fear of the people they rule over) to become afraid for their lives, so do not approach them and keep your hands in plain view.

Exiting your vehicle also allows officers to better make assessments about your sobriety.  If they notice you stumble on exiting, that’s reasonable suspicion for a DUI investigation.  It also allows them to smell your clothing and breath.  At that point, they can also pat you down for weapons.  Jumping out of your car is going to raise suspicions automatically.

4. If you’ve got something to hide, the next dumbest thing to do is to answer any questions beyond your name. You will NEVER talk your way out of getting arrested, but you can certainly talk your way into getting arrested.  You must verbalize that you will not answer any questions without the advice of your attorney (It is important that you act like you already have one or are in the process of getting one).  If you simply remain silent, the Supreme Court has held that your silence can be used against you.

5.  If you have a small amount of contraband in the vehicle that is not well hidden, do not consent to any searches.  If you have a large amount of contraband, do not consent to any searches.  If it becomes apparent that the police want you to exit your vehicle, verbalize immediately that you do not consent to any search of your person or property.  Exit your vehicle and lock the vehicle immediately upon exiting.  If the police threaten to bring in a drug dog, immediately ask if you are under arrest, and if not, if you are free to go.  The police cannot legally detain you while they wait for a drug dog to show up.  If they do, your lawyer will get the case thrown out, but you MUST verbalize your request to leave.  If you don’t, the courts assume you voluntarily waited.

I advise listening to what ex-narcotics cop Barry Cooper has to say on this point.  If a cop ever tells you that he’s not writing you a citation or he finishes writing a citation and you sign it, at that point you are free to leave.  You should leave immediately.  Often police ask to search after they cite you to avoid potential legal complications.

6. Never assume the police have a dash cam that is recording.  If you have a phone capable of recording the incident, set it to record as soon as you see the lights flashing behind you.   If it records video, great, but at least get audio.  An app that streams the recording to a web server is ideal, so the police cannot erase the data.

Following this advice, there is a very real possibility that the man in the video could have walked away from this encounter with ticket, rather than having been assaulted, caged and fined.   While there is no guarantee, this advice could have stacked the odds in his favor.

Never admit to any wrong doing.  Never admit to having a criminal history.  Never announce that you are carrying contraband.  Never volunteer any incriminating information.  But equally as important, NEVER LIE. If you are asked a question that has a “bad” answer, you’re better off saying you need to speak to your attorney before answering any more questions.

Virtually everyone has been conditioned since birth to respond to questions from authority figures.  Pay attention to how the cop in the video rattles off questions and takes an authoritative tone.  This guy was booked entirely because he opened up his mouth.  It’s not illegal to smell like marijuana.  Always remember that you are never obligated to answer any questions from a police officer.

Towards the end of the video, the man begs the police officer for the reason why he is being arrested.  The cop responds that the man is being arrested for resisting arrest.  In my opinion, it should be a CRIME for police to arrest people for resisting arrest.  It’s clearly circular reasoning.  How can a person be lawfully arrested in the first place if they haven’t committed any other crime?  Doesn’t that automatically make the initial arrest a FALSE ARREST? Doesn’t that legally entitle the defendant to use any and all means at his disposal to resist the unlawful arrest?

*I’m not an attorney, and this article should not be construed as legal counsel.

But this guy is:

And this guy is an ex-cop:

Michael Suede is an Austrian economist and author who holds a business degree from the University of Wisconsin. Visit his website LibertarianNews.org

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