Jefferson County Cops Make Illegal Stop, Beat Man, Withhold & Edit Video

Jul. 22, 2013

From Patrick Politte on YouTube:

This cop followed me from a convenience store because of the leather jacket and patches I had on. These cars (Chevy Tahoe) have a dash cam hooked to a computer on board that is always on when the car is running. As soon as he "lights up" the computer stores 60 seconds BEFORE he lights up. There's not 60 seconds there. Why? Because they edited out the beginning showing where he came up behind me. Almost ramming me twice with his lights on bright. He later said my license plate light wasn't on!

During the "silent part" I was asking . "Why did you follow, what did I do, why did you pull me over, why do you want me to get out of the car, am I under arrest and if so, for what. He never would answer my questions.

This is a dash-cam video that was withheld by the Jefferson County, Missouri sheriffs department for over a year, edited by them both audio and video, of me being illegally pulled over and beaten. I was held, WITHOUT BOND, for over eighteen months. Denied bond three times because they did not want this to get out. IT"S OUT! And I want it to go viral. PLEASE!

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