Woman Records Police Barging into her Home in Case of Mistaken Identity

by Carlos Miller
May. 30, 2013

A disturbing video of police barging into a woman's home without a search warrant, demanding her identification -- only to learn she was not the person they were looking for -- has emerged on Youtube, demonstrating just how unprofessional police can act when they don't realize they are being recorded.

The video stops at 2:31 when one of the cops spots it and turns it off.

At this point, it is not clear where the incident took place, but I've sent the woman, who goes by the username, Robynstorm2, a message, requesting an interview.

The video begins with police banging on her door, demanding her identification. They tell her they have an arrest warrant for a woman named Robin Edwards.

The woman tells them her name, which sounds like it is Robyn Rockman.

They then insist she is Robin Edwards but changed it after getting married.

She corrects them by saying her maiden name was not Edwards, but something that sounds like Waterman (hopefully I will eventually confirm the names).

Either way, they barge into her house as she is looking for her identification.

According to comments she posted on Youtube, the cops busted down her bedroom door, handcuffed her and rummaged through her prescription bottles before releasing her and going on their way.

She also insinuated that Robin Edwards was possibly her landlady, which might explain why police showed up to her door.
they said if i did not open my door in 30 seconds they were gona kick it in! my name is not Roben Edwards. she does not live here. i told them she was land lady and lives 2 blocks away. they shut my cam off! he breathed on my freakin neck! i think i need two showers now. and one got mad cause i didn’t know where i put my shoes! he said what if i was gona get a gun. omg. i guess i woulda took it to the fukn door the fist time if that was my intent. or shoot from the window. i mean… WTF?
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