California Cop Panics Over Cell Phone Camera, Thinking it Could be a Gun

By Carlos Miller
May. 22, 2013

A California cop who was being video recorded by a smartphone said she was in fear for her life because the phone could have possibly been a gun, marking at least the fourth time this year a cop in this country has uttered those nonsensical words.

After all, if Detective Shannon Todd of the Newark Police Gang Unit was really so stupid to believe that the phone could have been a gun, then why did she first order the citizen to place it back into his pocket?

Newark Police Detective Shannon Todd demanding a man’s cell phone so she can ensure it’s not a gun.

The truth is, she feared being the victim of a viral Youtube video instead of a fatal bullet, which is why she ordered the citizen to place his hands behind his back.

The video was uploaded to Youtube April 30 and reposted on ExCopLawStudent’s blog earlier this month. As of this writing, it only has 212 views, but that is likely to change once it starts making the rounds.

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