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Article posted May 22 2013, 5:01 AM Category: Tyranny/Police State Source: PINAC Print

California Cop Panics Over Cell Phone Camera, Thinking it Could be a Gun

By Carlos Miller

A California cop who was being video recorded by a smartphone said she was in fear for her life because the phone could have possibly been a gun, marking at least the fourth time this year a cop in this country has uttered those nonsensical words.

After all, if Detective Shannon Todd of the Newark Police Gang Unit was really so stupid to believe that the phone could have been a gun, then why did she first order the citizen to place it back into his pocket?

Newark Police Detective Shannon Todd demanding a man’s cell phone so she can ensure it’s not a gun.

The truth is, she feared being the victim of a viral Youtube video instead of a fatal bullet, which is why she ordered the citizen to place his hands behind his back.

The video was uploaded to Youtube April 30 and reposted on ExCopLawStudent’s blog earlier this month. As of this writing, it only has 212 views, but that is likely to change once it starts making the rounds.

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Posted: May 22 2013, 7:32 AM

20138 Ah..the oldest trick in the book, "I thought he had a gun".
Maybe if a cop, cant tell the difference between a smart phone and a gun, they ought to look for other kinds of work. Of course, it's not easy to find work in most fields for that particular malady.

"Johnson, I want you to sort these nuts and bolts into these two bins"
"But...but, I can't see any difference between them!"
"you're fired".

It's the same mentality to if a person accidentally brushes up, or in any way makes contact its "battery on a police officer". We're living in a nutso world where nothing is what it really is.

Posted: May 22 2013, 6:20 PM

207155 I don't know what kind of a test they have to take to be a policeman, but I guess they are going to have to include a page with some pictures on it the the applicant will have to match to the proper name. There should be a picture of a camera, phone, a gun, and a water bottle. We don't want to make the test too hard but for the purpose of qualifying the best candidates toss in a photo of a partially eaten pop tart vaguely shaped in the letter L, a water balloon and a hand grenade. If the taxpayers are going to have to pay this person to carry a gun to enforce the government's mandates, they should be able to correctly identify a minimum of five of the above seven objects. Give them bonus points if they can correctly state the useful purpose of any of these devices.

Posted: May 23 2013, 8:26 AM

20138 True, 207155, but still, take some pity on that poor woman officer that can't tell the difference, like I said, where ELSE is she going to be able to find a job in the "real world"?
It just makes sense to give her a gun...oh wait, there IS a danger she'll think her gun is phone and try and make a call, sure, but at least she is in a position to flout her authority, arrest people, etc.


Posted: May 23 2013, 11:36 AM

207155 You know 20138, I suppose that law enforcement has for a long time been a sanctuary for those unable to function in a competitive job market. In better times, the damage these unfortunates were allowed to inflict upon the populace was somewhat curtailed, symbolically exemplified by Barney Fife's restriction to a single bullet.
You're right, makes me wonder if some of the police officer suicides weren't deliberate suicides. For those who lack the wherewithal to distinguish between a phone and a gun the consequences could be tragic. Maybe the officer tried to call out for pizza and .... what a sad way to go. Perhaps the officer was getting dressed for work, picked up the hair dryer and .... permanent bad hair day.

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