Hotheaded Pittsburgh Cop Tases Man As He Walks Away

Mar. 19, 2013

Via Carlos Miller:
[...]The hotheaded cop, who appears to be a sergeant, pulls out his taser at :43 in the video, ordering people away, even though nobody is being physically confrontational with him.

He is arguing with a group of citizens, who are apologizing for pissing him off, when he notices the first man standing at least 30 feet away, saying absolutely nothing but watching.

He then storms up to the man, holds up the taser against his face and fires, knocking the man backwards.

The videographer walks up the scene and at 1:15, it appears as if another cop strikes the camera while the hotheaded cop is ordering the tased man to “get up!”.

“I’ve had enough of you and your fucking mouth, shut the fuck up,” he yells as other officers stand the man up and handcuff him.
More Here from the Post Gazette

Watch the video:

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