NYPD Cops Caught Hunting Citizens During Thanksgiving Holiday

Chris | InformationLiberation
Nov. 26, 2012

NYC Resistance scopes out a gang of police officers as they go hunting for people to extort and jail. Will they catch their prey and meet their quotas? Watch and find out!

On the day before Thanksgiving I spot 3 NYPD officers violating the 4th amendment right of 2 Latino females in a SUV. The officers wasted no time looking for their next victim as they stare down 2 black teens which were walking across the parking lot. I then decided to follow these wolves in sheep's clothing since their motives were now clear to me ... they were hunting !

Not even 60 seconds after they leave the 2 Latino females they pull over a vehicle and conduct another illegal search in hopes of making an arrest. The cops use the excuse that the vehicle's muffler is too loud for making the stop. Once again the officer's illegal search turns up nothing but they still issued the passenger a summons for having a small amount of liquor in a clear plastic cup.

Meanwhile across the street their is a NYPD van that had stopped a silver BMW for a lengthy amount of time which was later released with no arrest. After I interview the 2 men that are well aware that the NYPD is nothing more than an extortionist crime syndicate I drive a few blocks and come across the very same 3 officers searching and ultimately arresting a black male at the corner of Gun Hill Road and Boston Road.

I take a short-cut back to the 47 precinct ahead of the cops that are using lights and sirens to run red lights. At the precinct I watched as the man was led in the front door where a nightmarish night of enslavement has just begun. He will awake on Thanksgiving day a prisoner of the NYPD as I had already foreseen by the events which occurred moments ago.

The man was soon placed in a cage where he will wait hours until he is shuttled off to criminal court where a judge will inform him how much he will have to pay for freedom. I then returned to the front of the 47 precinct where the same NYPD van I had seen earlier had also returned with a hostage to go towards their monthly arrest quota as well as generate revenue for this corrupt criminal enterprise which masquerades as the people protectors.

If this video doesn't expose the private protection monopoly known as the NYPD, I am confident that nothing will.
If you enjoy this video, be sure to watch his others, his Youtube channel is superb.

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