Jeff Berwick: 0% Interest Rates Until the System Dies

Sep. 21, 2012

Jeff Berwick of says, “We’re on 0% interest rates . . . and quantitative easing (money printing) until the system dies.” Berwick is predicting “chaos” when it all comes down. He doesn’t know how exactly it will all shake out because, “We’ve never had a global system like this die before.” One way to protect your assets is to buy precious metals, but you better not wait too long to buy them. Berwick predicts, “It will be impossible to buy gold and silver in the next few years.” Berwick thinks the dramatic change that is coming, “. . . is going to be the biggest event that has ever happened in human history . . . most people in the U.S. will not see this coming.” Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Jeff Berwick from the west coast of Mexico.

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