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Article posted Aug 16 2012, 12:05 AM Category: Commentary Source: Gary Gibson Print

Why You Should Root for the Maniac with the Knife

by Gary Gibson, The Dollar Vigilante

Leave it to us to take the side of a stoned, “knife-wielding maniac” against the cops. At TDV we call the US one of the most dangerous places in the world as I did in yesterday’s post. Are we employing hyperbole just to make our case against the USSA? Nope. Odds are that a US citizen or resident will do at least three things per day that could get you locked up in federal prison for years. That’s because politicians and regulators constantly come up with laws designed to legislate every behavior and transaction imaginable.

Furthermore, the US boasts an army of increasingly aggressive state-sanctioned domestic soldiers (law enforcement) who are more than willing to gun you down if you resist their attempted kidnapping for breaking one of the countless stupid rules. Even as we were putting together yesterday’s issue Darrius Kennedy was getting gunned down by cops in New York’s Time Square.

The headlines immediately point out that Mr. Kennedy was a “deranged knife-wielding man.” And that’s true. But we’re going to have to take Mr. Kennedy’s side in this. After all he was just defending himself from a bunch of sanctioned criminals in uniform when he pulled that knife.

Police initially approached him because he was smoking something that looked like a “marijuana cigarette”. Right there many of the mouth-breathing statists in the US will conclude that Mr. Kennedy deserved to be shot or at least kidnapped by government enforcers for ignoring prohibition laws about what he can put in his body. But why in the world is it illegal to smoke pot at all? Why do costumed attack dogs have the right to kidnap you for non-crimes?

Even if Mr. Kennedy was “deranged”, we still can’t blame him. What rational person wouldn’t get a little crazy living in a fascist police state like the US, especially in that nation’s most oppressive city?

I grew up in New York. Before I knew jack about the world or other cities I loved New York and was proud to live in it. Now I hope that I never set foot anywhere in NYC or its suburbs again. In fact, the entire Empire State with its gaggle of pushy pinheads like Schumer and Bloomberg can go to hell.

Of course we can expect the brainwashed masses to side with their masters. The dead man was breaking the (nonsensical) law. He dared to tell his state-sanctioned abusers to back off when they tried to kidnap him for it. So of course he had it coming.

A half dozen cops with guns against a knife. Mr. Kennedy knew when he started this that it wasn’t going to end well for him. Maybe he was indeed deranged. Probably suicidal. But I suspect that on some subconscious level maybe he was also sick of living like a slave.

Don’t you feel it too sometimes? When you slow down from a perfectly safe 80 mph to within 5 miles of the posted limit because you see a cop car? When you finish your beer before daring to take one step outside the bar or toss your cigarette before you step back into the bar? When you buckle your seat belt to drive five blocks? How about when you “voluntarily” file and pay their extortion demands (taxes)?

You probably don’t openly break any local laws to advance the cause of liberty (like the Free Staters do in Keene, NH). You are still in great danger anytime you encounter a Law Enforcement Officer. These men are slowly being turned into a domestic military force to keep the population under control. They are being trained to intimidate and to respond with overwhelming violence at the slightest provocation.

Coming Soon: Public Execution of Jaywalkers

And even if you think a big, dreadlocked, black pot-smoker waving a knife at cops “had it coming”, could you say the same for a 71-year-old retired blue collar worker who had the temerity to speak his mind?

Tom Nielsen, a septuagenarian retired plumber from Kenosha, had the gall to yell at one of the members of the political class (in this case a smug neocon Paul Ryan who cracked a joke at Mr. Nielsen’s expense as the older man lay on the floor in handcuffs). Luckily Mr. Nielsen was only detained and not shot.

I don’t even agree with the substance of Mr. Nielsen’s outburst. He objected to Ryan calling Social Security and Medicare “entitlement programs” since Mr. Nielsen had paid into them his whole life. While I understand that Mr. Nielsen feels he’s only getting back what he paid in, fact is he isn’t. Those programs were communist Ponzi schemes from the start with only the appearance of being deposit accounts that would pay later (maybe to ease the conscience of the old people living on the backs of their descendants).

But agreement with the outburst is ultimately immaterial. The message Mr. Nielsen’s treatment conveys is this: none of us are to dare speak up or act out. If you do, you can expect to be shot or kidnapped.

While I can understand breaking under the stress of living such a meager, proscribed life in the US, I’m not willing to die or spend years in a cage. As much as I sympathize with Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Nielsen, I cannot recommend emulating their responses. Instead of complaint, protest or defiance, I’d rather just go find someplace where I can live a little freer.
Gary Gibson is the editor of The Dollar Vigilante and the former managing editor for Whiskey and Gunpowder. A graduate of Fordham University, Gary now spends his days reading about and writing on limited government, sound money, personal responsibility, and resource investing.

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Posted: Aug 15 2012, 10:50 PM

687 you don,t run from your country of origin.stay to make it better,or die trying.the problem is we are full of expatriates. becoming one does no one any good.

Posted: Aug 15 2012, 11:10 PM

America was founded by people who were fleeing oppression, now it's the oppressor. Why should you, I, or anyone intelligent stay and DIE?! *trying* to make it better? If the people of this country wanted freedom, we'd be a free country, they don't, and we're not. Sacrificing your life to "try" and fix a problem most people think is not a problem but is in fact wonderful is just an act of suicidal stupidity, it's equal to signing up to fight and die for the U.S. military to "defend freedom."

While I don't particularly want to leave the country as my family is here, I have absolutely no delusions about "fighting" for "it," your average American would be rooting for you to be killed by the jackbooted thugs they worship with all their heart, they wouldn't be on your side supporting your fight for some "revolution."

Please watch this movie, The Americanization of Emily, hopefully it will help you realize "dying for your country" is the dumbest possible thing a man can do.

Posted: Aug 16 2012, 12:04 PM

166248 There is a time and place for all actions. Rude, disruptive, and obnoxious opinionated outbursts during a public forum that is organized, sponsored, and PAID for, by someone other than yourself needs to be "SLAPPED DOWN". It does not matter whether you agree with the offender or not; What matters is the civility in which your invited or uninvited opinion is voiced . The epidemic of rudeness exerted in an entitled manner, is so offensive that it negates any validity of the statement.

Behavior in our society starting with the zoo-like atmosphere in public schools perpetrated by disruptived, disrespectful, and violent behavior by children whom lack any parentage whatsover, ruins the learning environment and is a destructive catalyst that has lead to the current style and delivery of education.

The equally offensive reaction by provoked, overtrained, heavily armed and combat ready law enforcement is a result of the lack of respectful and decent behavior testing the limits of self control every day for our first responders.

The liberal leftist minority in our country is dominating the media and perpetrating the scariest shift of cohesiveness in our country, setting us on a fast track to a total breakdown. Divide and conquer is the theme successfully destroying all hard earned progress in race and class warfare in the US.

We are so close to losing the most important personal liberties that have been the envy of every citizen in this once fully untainted beautiful world. THINK FOR YOURSELF! DON'T BUY THE LIES AND CONVENTIONAL OPINIONS DISHED OUT 24/7/365 etc.etc.

Remember our now pilferred and trashed "Pledge of Allegiance"? "ONE NATION, INDIVISIBLE, UNDER GOD......." . Insist on change and accountability by elected officials who sneakily rewrite and revise laws governing Corporate America and all its enties supposedly safeguarding our most important protections in the Health Care, Transportation, Banking, Oil and Gas, Agriculture (food), Pharmaceutical, Law Enforcement, Environmental, Utilities, Communications, Military, Justice Dept., Insurance Regulations, Immigration, Internet, Education, Social Services, and the Securities Industry. Each and every regulatory agency has been eroded into total conflict of interest in the protection of "WE THE PEOPLE"!!!!!!!

Posted: Aug 16 2012, 3:39 PM

24149 "Sacrificing your life to "try" and fix a problem most people think is not a problem but is in fact wonderful is just an act of suicidal stupidity, it's equal to signing up to fight and die for the U.S. military to "defend freedom." "

I don't think they are equal. I think there's a substantial difference between self-sacrifice for the good of fellow humans vs. for the good of the state, between fighting for your own ideals vs. the ideals of the state.

I mean, why even run this blog? I'm sure it would be a lot easier for you to just shut it down and keep out of the public eye...

Posted: Aug 16 2012, 5:30 PM

9877 1969 Lecture - READ IT - Exposed-in-1969

New World System

This is a transcript of two out of three tapes on the "New World System."

Tapes one and two were recorded in 1988 and are the recollections of Dr. Lawrence Dunegan regarding a lecture he attended on
March 20, 1969
at a meeting of the Pittsburgh Pediatric Society.

The lecturer at that gathering of pediatricians (identified in tape three recorded in 1991) was a Dr. Richard Day (who died in 1989).

At the time, Dr. Day was Professor of Pediatrics at Mount Sinai Medical School in New York. Previously he had served as Medical Director of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Dr. Dunegan was formerly a student of Dr. Day at the University of Pittsburgh and was well acquainted with him, though not intimately.

He describes Dr. Day as an insider of the "Order" and although
Dr. Dunegan's memory was somewhat dimmed by the intervening years,
he is able to provide enough details of the lecture to enable any enlightened person to discern the real purposes behind the trends of our time. This is a transcript of a loose, conversational monologue that makes for better listening than reading.

The transcripts of Tape 1 and Tape 2 have been very slightly edited to remove verbal mannerisms and to improve readability.

The original unedited transcript may be found using the following link

Tape 3 is an interview by Randy Engel, Director of the U.S. Coalition for Life, with Dr. Larry Dunegan and was recorded on Oct. 10, 1991 in Pittsburgh, Penn.
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