D.A.R.E To Charge Taxpayers For Your Political Propaganda

Chris | InformationLiberation
May. 19, 2012

A Missouri Sheriff printed out a bunch of D.A.R.E. t-shirts with an added political message reading “Re-elect Archie Dunn, Jasper County Sheriff.”

He then sent the county a bill for his political propaganda.

Fortunately, the local government is refusing to pay for them, and they're saying the shirts probably broke the law.

Via The Joplin Globe:
CARTHAGE, Mo. — Norman Rouse, counsel for the Jasper County Commission, said today they are investigating whether Sheriff Archie Dunn may have broken any laws when T-shirts passed out to students in at least two schools as part of the DARE program also contained a message on the back that read: “Re-elect Archie Dunn, Jasper County Sheriff.”

A bill for the T-shirts used at one of the schools was submitted to the county, but officials have refused payment, according to John Bartosh, presiding commissioner.

“We think it’s against the law. We’ve turned it over to legal and they’re investigating,” Bartosh said.
I must say, I find it hilarious this is what passes for getting an "education" in government schools.

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