D.C. Police Responding To Call Kill Random Man Walking His Dogs

Police Claim Man Pulled Gun & Shot At Them
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May. 16, 2012

D.C. police responding to a report of a man with a gun shot and killed a random man who was walking his dogs and reportedly talking on his cell phone with his wife. Police claim upon confronting the man, who seemed to match the suspect, the man pulled a gun on them and shot at them. Their story is contradicted by the man's wife who says he was simultaneously talking to her on his cell phone while walking his two dogs, which is a two handed operation.
"I heard the gunfire," she said. "It was about five shots. I put on some shorts, I put on a T-shirt and I ran out the door, hopped in my car and went around the corner, and they wouldn't let me see him. They tried to handcuff me. The police tried to handcuff me to prevent me from seeing him, and they left him laying on the ground like a dead animal in the street." - Via NBC Washington
Frankly, I find it hard to believe anyone would pull a gun and start shooting randomly at a police officer for questioning them, though I suppose anything is possible. A trigger happy cop looking to be a "hero" strikes me as a more likely scenario. Hopefully there will be some sort of follow up to this incident, but for now it seems like it's the police's word against a dead man who had an "illegal" gun.

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