Photographer Suing L.A. Sheriff's Dept. Detained Again For Photographing Deputies

by Carlos Miller
May. 14, 2012

A pair of bullying Los Angeles sheriff’s deputies detained a photographer who snapped their picture on Hollywood Blvd, accusing him of all kinds of false crimes before handcuffing him, then searching through his camera bag without consent.

Shawn Nee – who already has a pending lawsuit against the sheriff’s department for violating his rights as a photographer – once again captured the incident on his Vievu camera, exposing a disgusting show of brute intimidation.

The deputies first told him it was against the law to take their photo.

Then they told him it was against the law to photograph a couple of underage girls they were chatting up.

And then they told him it was against the law to walk down the street without identification.

Obviously the dumb asses didn’t realize they were being recorded the entire time.

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