Bridgeton school officer arrested after pulling gun during 'Career Day' celebration

By Stephen Smith/ The News of Cumberland County
Apr. 03, 2012

A police officer based at the West Avenue Elementary School was arrested after pulling her gun on a man she was arguing with while on school grounds, a source said Monday.

The source also said that the victim was her husband.

According to a complaint filed by Bridgeton police officer Jospeh Lopez, 41-year-old Karla K. Diaz of Twin Oaks Drive, was charged with criminal mischief, aggravated assault and possession of a fire arm for an unlawful purpose for an event that occurred March 30.

The complaint reads that Diaz ... committed an act of aggravated assault, by pointing a fire arm at the victim.

Diaz received the mischief charge because she damaged ...a photograph in closed (sic) in a clear plastic picture frame, which belonged to the man at who she was aiming her gun.

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