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Article posted Nov 23 2011, 3:41 AM Category: Tyranny/Police State Source: InformationLiberation Print

Police Beat Dying Cat To Death With Night Stick

WHSV reports:
A Harrisonburg resident says a cat's death was anything but quick and painless, after it was struck by a vehicle. Now, he wants police held responsible.

"Shocking," is how Wayne Meadows describes the way a Harrisonburg police officer euthanized a cat he rescued from the side of the road. He says the officer beat the cat to death with his night stick.

"I was a wreck at that point. I mean I was completely in shock. I didn't know what to do, I didn't know what to say," Wayne says.

Wayne said he had to call police because local vets and animal services were closed since it was late at night on Friday, November 11th. He tried to comfort the cat until the officer arrived. They discussed what to do, and when the officer offered to euthanize the cat, using a night stick was the last thing Wayne expected.

"I went inside expecting a gun shot and then I heard it happening on my front porch. I heard at least 15-20 hits," Wayne says.

The officer removed the body, but he had to clean the rest.

"It was nasty to say the least. I was sick to my stomach the whole time doing it. I tried to wash it off as best as I could," Wayne says.
Full article here.

Update: Harrisonburg officer who used baton to euthanize injured cat charged with animal cruelty

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Posted: Nov 23 2011, 4:52 AM

208254 this citizen slave just learned a valuable lesson about what his master truly is. A brutal, blood thirsty monster. one could expect nothing else from unthinking, unfeeling brutes in state issued costume. The poor cat had to suffer being run over and then bludgeoned by a hired killer for the state and this home owning citizen slave is surprised at the outcome? he needs to pull his head out and see his master for what it truly is!

Posted: Nov 23 2011, 5:53 AM

quite a pattern these stories

the media have done stories 'public person tortures cat' and here is the cop version. notice the split? mind the gap, split minds are easily controlled.

the present good vs evil, state vs corporation and say fascism is the merger between state and corporation. state is a corporation, a monopoly corporation where money is an order.
on that version, despite the true horrors, it was a typical media mind split advert, with the dumbed down staging as befits democracy, trying to create the unconscious mob mindset. the corporate man is itself a mind split.

i visited the phoenix program on the way here (plymouth library). by the phoenix program that is my operation code for the 'occupy mmovment'. i had posted on how the script was (div) V for Vendetta. they had a big chunk of that script as their main notice. to interpret the film you would have to know where the mirrors are. they cheat habitually and especially in the con of the endings of movies, V for Vendetta included (these stories designed to feed that controlled paradigm). to many operators of the con, they talk to their own split minds, because they are behind a mirror they say they are not lying to themselves as in their construct what they say is true to their context despite the fact everyone else takes it at face value ignorant of the context and that it is a part truth selling a lie.

in the notices displayed it had 'jail the bankers'. in the revolution, blame to recreate the dictorship, the 2 minute hate if it works expending everyone's emotional energy it had 'jail the bankers'. the good guy bad guy paradigm, duality, the mind split.

Posted: Nov 23 2011, 5:56 AM

networked media, the combat circuit which is all commoned up 'common purpose' there is sometimes a murder printed. the police might have questioned someone at sometime who no one seemed to care about much or is just poor. they are stuffed on death row with a story and evidence as fits the purpose. people go back to sleep if they were ever awake. i suggest i am saying what is known globally.

the judiciary get loads of money, the media gets loads of money, the police agencies get loads of money and the lord gets to profit by nearly everything he deliberately does to hurt people. power out of stupidity, a willingness to be fooled but he accumulates power through technology and yes men to force his will.

Posted: Nov 23 2011, 6:12 AM

the state mindsplit is protected by that human sacrifice, the man put to death that the supreme court was set up to protect being paid lots of money not to look at. all made co-conspirators in the age old occult ritual human sacrifice, sacrifice to the gods.

i posted on a pattern i was expecting the moment it emerged. a couple of suspicious deaths, presenting to me as assassinations (political murders) were of people whose job was as police. i posted as i was expecting that to happen with the attempts to control most when it is being lost, that not all would align to the common purpose of the political gods. the posting seemed to work, regardless, stories of them in the media (which is corporate news) stopped. it matters if a human being is executed consciously in cold blood, the uniform a mind split device.

'jail the bankers' is a mind split slogan. it is a state creation slogan trying to create the impression of a mob and plant that in people's mind split that they are the mob, the group construct, the hive mind that is busy for the queen bee.

it was exposed by man that there are various fronts for a vicious assault network set up for revolution, a network of networks joining various mind control cults. this is a means of stage a co-ordinated global revolution overriding dissent from within the mind control cults. the first front was called what is was 'common purpose'. when i released their next name operating directly under the police banner and community policing i was kicked out of the county where i was. certainly this was by cult operatives, likely common purpose (which overlaps and subordinates to the occult mafia overlords).

Posted: Nov 23 2011, 6:34 AM

i was just in a feed centre, these are all set up as covens (under a common covenant), multiple mind control cults, freemasonry, military, nhs, religion, sisterhood, guardians. a carefully crafted mix with uniformity globally and the orwell speak now reich 4 version is self evidencing as it is cognitive dissonance itself. the main visitor on the corporate sign in register was 'common purpose'.

the poor (orwell's 'low') are the most valuable people in a political world as they are deliberately disabled, so much so they cannot represent themselves or if they can it is not allowed. 'the poor', 'the children', or similar motive are corporate winners. one of the huge advantages of humans is our emotions, how we have empathy for each other. that is hijacked and used for the exact opposite, good intentions as a motivated force particularly harmful if incorporated.

at this stage of collapse the dictatorship runs lotteries, as people face catastrophe their minds dream of the white knight archetype, the messiah, the saviour, sugarcandy mountain. the saviour to ruin by debt lots of money, that makes sense. i posted that the lottery is run by the occult mafia (people who fool you because they can), that it is a fiddle. it was presented when i saw it years ago with a great deal of care as if they weren't cheating. it is all based on cheat as no false matrix works. as for false matrix, paradigms like good vs evil are designed to control people, the constructs are in my view an enemy.

99% vs 1% is group constructs with split, a mirror created in the divide. if someone is poor and starving, i suggest that matters. when people die on the streets through state neglect the coronor writes the cause of death and they lie.

the sate feeding centers, you have to pay to eat. i asked if they could help they said they would for a time. that was a personal decision overriding the corporate. in the corporate realm there is the dissonant term 'human relations' (hence aliens etc). you are actually moving between companies between the door and the other side of the room, from one type of corporation to the shadow of tax exempt one (known as charity).

i heard the bbc were doing a documentary on bankers 'when they were good' including philanthropy. i didn't see it but there is the duality con as they run both sides. the food centres are set up with corporation and charity sections, a game of cheat if you like. if you donate you are donating to a corporation involving vast sums of money, feeding off the poor by name. that said, it is cold, without food death is fast.

if there is a protected corporate monopoly then money is an order. it is difficult on this planet to be human, the choice presented is to be undead (current child programming for 'dissonant' it seems) or really dead.

imagine the energy spent by people on these media scripts, the emotional vent. oh he is terrible, oh relief there is a man in a nasty man in a cage. oh dear, how did we all end up split.
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