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Article posted Nov 21 2011, 5:12 PM Category: Tyranny/Police State Source: YouTube Print

A Lesson They Will Never Forget

Hitting children teaches them one thing: use violence to get people to comply with your will. Is it any wonder we live in a fascist police state where our rulers violently attack people for objecting to their arbitrary rulership? It's the same thing you witness in these videos. - Chris
Fascism begins at home. The practice of spanking covered by John Stossel on ABC's 20/20 in 1992. This is an absolute must watch.

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Posted: Nov 22 2011, 3:04 PM

20886 there is a big difference between disciplining your child and hitting/beating them. parents should be allowed to spank their children and even strike them once or twice when they have reached an appropriate age. children are out of control because their parents don't discipline them anymore because the law forbids them. just another way to destroy the family. so now the school raises children instead of parents and the only punishment they will ever get is a time out. you can beat a kid up and you will recieve no physical punishment. just a trip to a special room to hang out and listen to music. what is that teaching kids? that you can do whatever and that nobody is going to stand up to you. in fact, it teaches kids that if you do bad you get to skip out on your real responsibility of going to class. the bully doesn't stop harassing you simply because you tell him to stop just like kids won't calm down just because you tell them to. either you let them hurt themselves to learn that way or you hit them once and explain to them what they did wrong and why you hit them. most people, even adults, do not get the picture unless they get physical consequences not some pasifist coddling.

Posted: Nov 22 2011, 4:08 PM

The only thing different between disciplining and hitting/beating is the terminology.

Obviously the state is not a solution to anything, of course schools are hellholes, I am not proposing, nor are any libertarians proposing, the state is the solution to any social problems among anyone.

Parents should be allowed to *restrain* their children to prevent bad things from happening, they should not use violence to teach against violence, it's a contradiction on its face and it is what leads to the "out of control" children you're talking about. It's not the lack of beating them into submission which causes them to lash out violently, its learning from their parents violence solves problems which causes them to use violence in an attempt to solve their problems, it's not rocket science.

Meanwhile, a child is like 30 pounds, they can't do anything to any adult ever, to restrain them and prevent violence is as easy as pie, there is no reason to make the leap from exercising restraint to carrying out violence yourself.

These arguments remind me a lot of how the market is blamed for everything caused by the government, the fed sets rates too low w/ central banking, creates an artificial boom then a huge bust, and then the market or "capitalism" is blamed for the problem the state caused. Same goes for these "out of control kids," just like the ones in the video, and just like the mom in the video saying the same excuse.

There are plenty of parents who raise their kids without hitting them ever and the kids are absolutely wonderful, look up Alfie Kohn, Stefan Molyneux's 'Libertarian Parenting' series on YouTube, hitting your kids does not help them, it hurts them physically and emotionally.

Posted: Nov 22 2011, 4:16 PM

Meanwhile, something like 80% of American parents spank their kids, so this idea not spanking is to blame for the all ills in our world is just pure fantasy.

Posted: Nov 22 2011, 6:45 PM

20886 all violence is not bad. hitting your kid when they do something wrong is not violence. hitting them multiple times without end is. how do you propose to "restrain" your children if not through violence? isn't grabbing them too hard to restrain them violence if it hurts them? parents are not supposed to be your friend that gives you everything you want. kids throw tantrums all the time and even start breaking things in the house. what is a parent to do then? let them keep breaking things until they run out of steam? i'm not saying you should hit your kids for piddly things like swearing or skipping school. it should only be reserved for serious occasions just like any "violence" used to re-balance things. i'm 22 years old and have never known anyone whose parents spanked them so i'm not exactly buying your 80% stat. you're right about the 30 pound kid but what about when he gets older to be 175 lbs and benches his weight. how will you restrain him when he doesn't want to listen to you? there are 14 year olds that fit that very description. i do know that being sent to my room never stopped me from doing anything again. the idea that i might recieve a physical consequence sure makes you think twice though.

Posted: Nov 22 2011, 6:59 PM

Threatening to kill your kid would also make them think twice, if you want to control the 175lb 14-yr-old, you could always threaten him with a gun, that would be the logical next step for keeping control over them despite their new ability to actually stand up for themselves.

I think your putting the cart before the horse, IE, the problems with violent children going crazy is only a problem with children who were taught the language of violence by their caretakers, it is true if you beat them into total submission they will obey, but I don't think that is most people's goal (though it is for some, and many parents do just that).

The 80% stat comes from ABC News, I heard Molyneux say %90 or something the other day, another article says 72%, there is no way to know for sure as parents could be lying in the polls, but I don't think there is any question it is the vast majority.

To be clear, I don't think "time outs" are much better, I would assume they're not as bad but they're still a needless form of punishment to "teach" a child who doesn't know anything and whose brain is not even fully developed. Parents should *work with* their children rather than *do things to* their children, check out the works of Alfie Kohn if you want a very thorough explanation (along with studies which back it up).
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