Herman Cain Embraces Stupidity: "We Need A Leader, Not A Reader"

Chris | InformationLiberation
Nov. 17, 2011

Stupid vogue is officially back in style!

From the Huffington Post:
According to numerous sources, including The Associated Press, Cain said Thursday at a New Hampshire campaign event, "We need a leader, not a reader." The quote was reported on Twitter by ABC News' Susan Archer as well as AP's Steve Peoples. AP provides some context for the statement, explaining, "He defended recent stumbles on foreign policy and said the president doesn't need to know every detail about every country."
Quite frankly, if you're actively saying you want to bomb the hell out of every foreign country you can in order to act tough, I think knowing a little something about the people you're about to order to be murdered is not exactly a huge request. Of course, considering the string of presidents we've had throughout this last century, I realize that's asking too much.

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