"You cannot use deadly force to protect your property" -- The Police

by Ademo Freeman
Cop Block
Nov. 07, 2011

The police in Milton, KS arrested a homeowner after he shot two (of four) people attempting to rob him. An officer in the video below – still researching for names – states, “You cannot use deadly force to protect your property, or if someone’s running away from you not being a threat.” Ugh, where to start with that statement. Does this officer realize that officers around the world are using tasers, pepper spray, rubber bullets and flash bangs who are “not being a threat” to anyone. Or that officers are justified by their peers if the kill someone holding what they think to be a weapon but turns out to be nothing lethal at all – like a water nozzle.

These officers, by enforcing such laws, have made it safer for criminals in Kansas to rob you. All a criminal has to do is break into your house and if you’re home, or if you wake up, run away. It doesn’t matter that you were trying to steal from, or maybe rape, that person. The person actually harmed, the victim, can do nothing to hold you accountable, or to protect themselves, but to call the police – according to the ‘law.’

Good call, Milton police. You’ve just made the community less safe. By charging this homeowner you’ve sent a message to other people that if they defend their property, they’ll be charged with a crime. You’ve also let all the criminals know that as well, again, good call.

Ademo Freeman is an advocate for a voluntary society, one where people are free to live their lives so long as they don't initiate force on others. He uses a camera and blogs to spread the message of voluntarism. Ademo has also been involved with other projects such as the Motorhome Diaries, Fr33Agents, FreeKeene.com and Liberty On Tour.

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