Constable Shoots Woman in the Face for Suspected Shoplifting

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Nov. 06, 2011

A "politician with a gun" shoots a woman in the face because he thought she may have been shoplifting from a Walmart. Her lawyer says she did not shoplift anything and the only reason she fled after leaving the store was because she thought she was being mugged by goons in plain clothes.

From The Courier Journal:
An attorney for the woman shot in a Walmart parking lot said his client was not a shoplifter and he expects to sue the Jefferson County constable who shot her.

“What we have here is a politician with a gun on the streets,” said John M. Doyle, an attorney with Maury D. Kommor & Associates, which is representing the shooting victim, Tammie Ortiz. “That’s never a good idea, and I think this incident clearly demonstrates that.”

Doyle said Ortiz, 43, was shot in her arm and face, and her injuries were more severe than initially reported. Police had said Ortiz was shot in the arm and hand.
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