Cops Search House For Stolen Handgun, Find Nothing, Seize $42,000 Cash Instead

Oct. 31, 2011

The Patriot-News reports:
In August 2010, while searching for an officerís stolen handgun, Harrisburg police seized tens of thousands of dollars in cash from Antoine Blackís home on Logan Street.

Black is claiming in a federal lawsuit that the cops should have left that money alone, especially since they didnít find the missing gun in his house or charge him with a crime.

He is arguing that the seizure of the cash, which authorities unsuccessfully sought to forfeit by attempting to link it to drug dealing, violated his constitutional rights.

The 42-year-old Black also claims authorities didnít return all the money they took after an arbitration board appointed by Dauphin County Court rebuffed the forfeiture request in March. He contends that nearly $43,000 was seized and that he received only $28,980 back.
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