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Article posted Oct 14 2011, 12:48 PM Category: Tyranny/Police State Source: InformationLiberation Print

"DELETE IT NOW!" -- Raging Cop Threatens To Arrest Ron Paul Supporters For Videotaping, Demands They Delete Video Or He'll (Falsely) Charge Them With Wiretapping

Chris | InformationLiberation

A Pennsylvania police officer threatened to falsely charge two Ron Paul supporters with wiretapping for videotaping him making an ass out of himself. After threatening to arrest the men for wiretapping because they dared to stand up to his "authority," the activists pointed out videotaping police is not wiretapping and it is not a crime. Well, that made the cop fly into a rage, he demanded they delete the video or he will have them arrested.

Here's how the incident went down. The man in the video was apparently standing in the median of a street holding up a Ron Paul sign, the cop felt it was against the law to stand where they were standing and told them to move. He said the sign may have been blocking drivers' line of sight, the activists dispute that, but still, it's not entirely unreasonable for the cop to ask them to move.

Nonetheless, the cop was being rather rude to them, so one of the activists said he doesn't appreciate the cop's mean attitude, to which the cop responds "I don't care if you appreciate it or not, I'm telling you what to do."

The activist then quips, "well, that's why we're forced to record you."

Those words apparently made the cop fly into a rage.

"'Forced to record me', do you want to get locked up for wiretap? Go ahead and use that."

"Oh, the courts actually ruled that..."

"O.K., so now you're a lawyer? Now you're a lawyer?"

"No, I just read case law."

"Oh, do you?" the cop responds condescendingly, "I can act anyway I want."

After some more minor squabbling about where they can stand, the cop looks to the videographer and orders him to delete the video.

"I'm telling you right now, you recorded this whole thing, you better delete it right in front of me or I'm going to get my detectives and we're going to have a problem, because you're recording me right now and you don't have my permission."

"But you're a police officer."

[The cop orders the activists to move.]

"Am I legally binding to [delete the video], like do I have to?

"Delete it now or my detectives are coming up here and you guys are all going [to be arrested], I'm telling you delete it now for the wiretap!"

The activist turns his video off under threat of jail, but instead of deleting the video, he uploaded it to YouTube.

Here's some more on the video from CopBlock, they're urging people to contact the police station:
The Philly Tyranny Response Team was participating in the Nation wide Ron Paul sign wave – which took place on Oct 10th – when they had a little run in with an Exton, PA police officer. Below is video of that encounter – raw video here.

There you have it, more proof that the police aren’t concerned with protect you. This officer says, “I don’t have to be nice to you. That’s not in my job description.” He even states that he can tell you what to do and doesn’t care if you appreciate it or not. The men in the video did a great job of standing their ground against this jackboot thug.

If you’d like to remind the Exton, PA police that filming public officials is NOT A CRIME feel free to call them.

Stephen J. Meacham -Chief of Police
Police, Non-Emergency - 610-363-0200
This cop should be in a jail cell, threatening to file false charges against someone is a crime (and a particularly vicious and vindictive one at that). Of course, because he has a magic badge, he can break the law all he wants.

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Posted: Oct 14 2011, 2:28 PM

173254 Just another control freak with a badge! Great job standing up to that costumed criminal!

Posted: Oct 14 2011, 2:30 PM

13756 "O.K., so now you're a lawyer? Now you're a lawyer?"

"No, I just read case law."


Posted: Oct 14 2011, 2:39 PM

209236 It's outrageous how cops can flagrantly throw false charges at people and yet face no repercussions. Breaking the law in a position of authority should result in MORE severe penalties, not less.

Posted: Oct 14 2011, 2:50 PM

208110 The kids were being smart asses.

Posted: Oct 14 2011, 2:56 PM

Being a "smart ass" is not a crime. Threatening to file false charges against someone is.

Posted: Oct 14 2011, 3:07 PM

Meanwhile, compare the way you're treated by the state's "public servants" vs customer service reps at Costco or Walmart. With one you're treated like a god, the other like a worthless subject.

Posted: Oct 14 2011, 3:11 PM

1087 The cop was being a dumbass.

Posted: Oct 14 2011, 3:16 PM

72196 Why is there an ad at the end of this?

HAHA, you libertarians crack me up.

Posted: Oct 14 2011, 3:31 PM

67185 Fuck that cop. I him and others like him die a horrible death.

Posted: Oct 14 2011, 3:40 PM

7574 Cop was wrong, but the supporters should stay of that island thing in the middle of the road.

Posted: Oct 14 2011, 4:38 PM

71196 looks like the kids were trying to get a slick response out of him by being smart little fucks.

Dont post vids claiming that the cop was an asshole when the kids were clearly dicks first

Posted: Oct 14 2011, 4:56 PM

24187 The cop was completely professional before those kids started acting like assholes. The officers response was over the top but they were clearly looking to start a problem.

Posted: Oct 14 2011, 5:19 PM

7128 These guys were looking for a fight with the cops. The cop was right and tried to be nice but they kept on. I'm not one to back cops....the cop did turn his assholeness up to about 6 but the kids where actually LOOKING for an altercation with him. The ginger kid was deliberately provoking him.

Posted: Oct 14 2011, 5:29 PM

98235 "No, I just read case law."

Apparently not, because you're completely wrong on this one. It's felony wiretapping in PA to record audio (specifically audio) of on-duty police officers without prior consent. You would be wise to back off.

The officer's request to stay off the island in the street was reasonable and lawful. About the only thing the officer can be criticized for is allowing emotions to escalate. That's not enough to warrant any kind of disciplinary action.

Sorry, kids, but you're 100% in the wrong on this one. I'll agree that the wiretapping law sucks, but it is, in fact a law that is backed by tons of judicial precedence. You're really pushing your luck posting this video on the Internet.

Posted: Oct 14 2011, 5:40 PM

2429 Seems to me the cop told them they needed to move for a legit reason. At which point the 2 guys tried to piss him off, and succeeded in doing so. And here we have self righteous bs with them putting the vid up. So basically if you threw badges on these 2 guys, you'd have a couple dickhead cops power tripping and trying to mess with people, just as they did here.

Posted: Oct 14 2011, 6:50 PM

7616 those kids are idiots. im 16 and i hate how kids like this give us all a reputation for being smart-ass, stupid people.

Posted: Oct 14 2011, 7:17 PM

67131 Ha. Previous anonymous says "Dont post vids claiming that the cop was an asshole when the kids were clearly dicks first."

Doesn't matter if the kids were dicks. The cop was an asshole, was out of line, and was making shit up. You have to call out that shit ALL. DAY. LONG.

Posted: Oct 14 2011, 7:21 PM

67131 98235 obviously hasn't read the recent case law stating that videotaping is NOT wiretapping and is perfectly legal.

You right wing lawnorder types need to realize that cops are often bigger crooks than the people they bust. Everything that comes out of their mouths is NOT the truth.

Posted: Oct 14 2011, 7:34 PM

99122 Can u imagine if those kids talked like that to a person that big who wasn't an officer? This video wouldn't exist for one thing as the camera would have probably been ruined when he knocked them out. Those kids treated the officer with no respect right to his face and we act like it's his fault for going a litte overboard. Immaturity should not be applauded.

Posted: Oct 14 2011, 7:53 PM

640 Wtf is up with this cop apologists, It's the pigs job to serve and fucking protect. That includes being courteous to those he works for, wait until you fucking apologists are in the same situation where you have a powerhungry cocksucking pig giving you illegal orders. End 67131 is right, there is case law now that actual states that videotaping police officers is perfectly legal.

98235, maybe you should educate yourself before you spew nonsense:
Comments 1 - 20 of 44 Page of 3 >

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