Neil Bush travels with Moon as "peace leader"
Dec. 02, 2005

And another Bush joins the Reverend Moon world tour. Brother Neil's journey with Washington Times owner and possible Messiah Rev. Sun Myung Moon is reported in the Manila Bulletin. The occasion: promoting Moon's idea for Universal Peace Federation. According to Moon's promotional videos, his organizations are prophecied to kick off his "Eternal Peace Kingdom," in which all religions and countries would become one under his guidance.

To the casual observer, a surprising cause for a Bush to get behind...

World peace advocate and staunch supporter of interfaith cooperation Rev. Sun Myung Moon yesterday praised President Arroyo and Speaker Jose de Venecia for their pioneering efforts in pushing global interfaith dialogue that has won the approval of the United Nations.

Moon is in the country to open the inaugural convocation of the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) in Manila.

Together with peace leaders that included Neil Bush, younger brother of US President George W. Bush, Moon arrived yesterday as part of a 100-day tour that is taking him to 100 cities in 67 nations and covering a journey of almost 100,000 miles.


Moon said the UN global interfaith dialogue has now led to major regional dialogues in various parts of the world, complementing serious peacemaking efforts in conflict areas whether in Mindanao, Aceh in Indonesia, Nepal, Chechnya and others.

De Venecia first brought up the proposal for an interfaith dialogue when he joined President Arroyo during her call on Bush at the White House two years ago.

Bush had reportedly called the proposal "a brilliant idea."

As part of this tour -- which hasn't been fully embraced by the real U.N., contrary to the reporter's assertion -- Moon is also calling for a tunnel linking Alaska and Russia, with help from the chairman of the Arizona GOP and various metropolitan leaders of different political stripes.

As regular readers of this blog know, Neil is taking part in a family tradition. Barbara and George H.W. Bush have long attended Moon's lucrative and stately peace festivities, which stress the Reverend's mastery of family values as God's path to world peace. It's unclear whether wayward son Neil, who romped with prostitutes in Asia, has any special expertise in this area.

Lately Neil Bush has also been jogging with a fugitive Russian tycoon and lobbying Capitol Hill for Scientology.

* Bush Sr. praises Moon as "man with vision" in Buenos Aires (1996)
* Pat Boone as Moon's emcee

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