'Terrorist' Cop Allowed To Run Wild & Assault Citizens With Impunity: Report

Despite violently assaulting man in diabetic coma, police chief says he's "comfortable with his actions."
Sep. 30, 2011

A police officer citizens are describing as a "thug and a terrorist" is reportedly being allowed to run wild violently assaulting dozens of citizens while facing zero scrutiny nor punishment. The police chief is even defending the officer's violent beating of a man in a diabetic coma, saying it was "within departmental policy and procedure." The officer is reportedly so violent a fellow officer resigned in disgust, "sighting Hobbs' out-of-control behavior and racist remarks as the reason why."

CBS Atlanta has the scoop:
CLAYTON COUNTY, GA (CBS ATLANTA) - A Metro Atlanta police officer is accused of being out of control and assaulting the citizens he was sworn to serve and protect.

CBS Atlanta News has obtained more than 500 pages of internal affairs complaints lodged against Clayton County police officer Michael Hobbs in the last five years.

Chief Investigative Reporter Wendy Saltzman found dozens of use-of-force reports brushed aside by Clayton County internal affairs, including claims Hobbs is terrorizing citizens.

One of those citizens is Brian Hoolihan. Hoolihan passed out in his car along side a road in Clayton County in a diabetic coma back in 2007. He had a sticker on the window of his car, warning about his life threatening medical condition.

A police report shows Officer Hobbs arrived at the scene and wrongfully assumed Hoolihan was drunk. Hobbs forced himself into the car and struck Hoolihan twice with a closed fist to the face and another blunt elbow blow to his head.

"My face was all beat up, my ribs were either broke or cracked," said Hoolihan. "I had black and blue marks on the back of my legs, you can tell it was from the baton. There were, I think, seven stitches above my one eye."

CBS Atlanta obtained the gruesome pictures of Hoolihan, bloodied and beaten on the side of the road, at the hands of an officer who was supposed to protect him.

"He was out of control," said Hoolihan. "The next thing I remember is waking up in the ambulance."

Hoolihan's was just one of 12 disturbing complaints filed against Hobbs over the last five years at the Clayton County Police Department.

"He's basically being a thug and a terrorist," said security guard Vic Morton.
Read the full report here.

This is the type of "protection" you get from a compulsory monopoly. As one man in this case is quoted saying, "They just think they're above the law because they are the law."

Unfortunately, that's entirely true. People need to stop respecting these armed tax-feeding criminals as though they are upholders of law and order, they're nothing more than a gang of thugs in costume.

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