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Article posted Sep 11 2011, 6:24 PM Category: Cover-Up/Deceptions Source: InformationLiberation Print

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Posted: Sep 11 2011, 11:03 PM

remember the big lie

remember remember the 11th of september
the day when three towers fell
remember remember the 11th of september
when people were buried by a spell

the bbc trot out the party line
spinning their web of deceit
pre-emptive strikes the name of the game
that dictators' lives are replete

history is written by the victor
the bbc piles lie upon lie
for those that feast on the mourning
with crocodile tears they do cry

emotives pack the theatre
'solidarity' goes out the call
for those that dance to the piper
united in lies they fall

etonites caught publishing prehistory
conspiracy a word the media hate
they have to read the iies out loud
and hope that the truth comes late

bbc reminisce over black and white
it was easier to cast their spell
chained explosives were seen in colour
and with it the lies that they tell

truth doesn't come from hermes
for some it is too much pain
but if the lies are worshipped
more people will die in vain

for media this was top billing
memorial for new york they said
in middle east on goes the killing
as they continue to pile up the dead

Posted: Sep 13 2011, 11:05 AM

no comments on 9/11, quite some turning point, psyop, occult ritiual sacrifice and no comment even when people know that perpetrators return to the scene of the crime and this happened.

i can't say what techno stuff was done on the day to people around the world, eg:
<apparatus for superimposing visual subliminal instructional materials on a video signal>

but one of the things that puzzled me about it was that within what was presented was an implicit 'we done it'. puzzled me, as denial is the operational mode of politics. then i realised denial, blinkers, how this psyops actually works. millions of people around the world were initiated into a secret society, to join the conspiracy.

Posted: Sep 13 2011, 11:15 AM

with the human sacrifice of people, rescuers and the presentation of 'we done it', there was the combination of deep trauma and because of the occult presentation of whodunnit, fear. with bush in the school classroom he was talking to the world, talking to the eyes wide opened people, talking to the child in those people, traumatising the eyes wide opened defenseless child.

the terror, fear, the child in you traumatised it encourages a mind split, to seperate you from a situation that is unbearable and outside your control (ability to help). if that split occurs, the blinkers have been installed and you have joined the conspiracy albeit unconsciously and joined the living dead.

if people wondering what it would be like to be helpless and present in an occult ritual sacrifice (trauma based mind control), likely they have been. next up stephen nolan at the bbc was inviting you to remember the dead.

eyes wide shut the movie, 9/11 an invitation to join and to be part of the conspiracy following them by denying what you already know.

stephen nolan for bbc division 5 invited you to remember the dead, actually to by occult definition; be dead. program sealing with redirection.

remember not what you were doing on that day, remember what happened to you, how you changed if you did and the tavistock tricksaurus is revealed, extended child abuse a term of relevance.

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