Police Officer Finds Fellow Officers Implicated in Murder, Police Respond by Firing Her

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Sep. 08, 2011

Stories like this don't come around often. A female police officer says she received credible information from "multiple sources" implicating two police officers in the murder of a TV news anchor in 1995. Rather than investigate her lead, the police fired her.
“All I want is for the truth to come out. I’m trying to get it out in the open so it won’t be a secret any more,” she said.

“Never in a million years would I believe people would commit crimes they prosecute others on.

“It’s horrifically disturbing. They’re still working on the taxpayers’ dollar — the whistleblower was put on administrative leave and terminated.”
Read the Globe Gazette story here. North Iowa Today has more.

Here's an interview with her about the case, it's a must watch:

- She says a fellow officer pointed an unloaded gun at her when she was walking away and pulled the trigger in an act of intimidation.

- She says the police investigating the murder case are implicated in the murder and are therefor investigating themselves.

It's clear she's standing up against a criminal gang and she needs our support.

Update: I thought this comment by a poster on the North Iowa Today article was quite interesting:

"Howie seriously? I too went to school with several officers on this force as well as others in the area. They were thugs in high school and they are criminals with a badge now. Several of them said they are the largest gang in the area. Not something a lot of people would like to hear. Specially myself. I don't know Philpot nor do I know what his church is about. To be honest who really cares? Bottom line is whether this stuff is true or not, we have rogue cops on the force and no one does a thing about it. I applaud Officer Ohl for doing what she has, it at least opens the publics eyes to the crap some of these criminal cops are doing. I hope this info is true so we can get rid of the scum that call themselves public servants."

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