White House Lied: Osama Bin Laden Did NOT Use Wife As Human Shield

Chris | InformationLiberation
May. 03, 2011

Another day, another lie. First the White House lied to justify dumping "Osama's" body in the sea saying they did it due to "Islamic law," that was summarily exposed as a lie when top Islamic scholars said that was total nonsense and goes completely against Islamic law. Now, the White House's claim "Osama" used his wife as a human shield, a claim which was regurgitated ad nauseum by the entire mass media, has been exposed as a fabrication as well.

TPMMuckraker reports:
It was a fitting end for the America's most wanted man. As President Barack Obama's Deputy National Security Adviser John Brennan told it, a cowardly Osama bin Laden used his own wife as a human shield in his final moments. Except that apparently wasn't what happened at all.

Hours later, other administration officials were clarifying Brennan's account. Turns out the woman that was killed on the compound wasn't bin Laden's wife. Bin Laden may have not even been using a human shield. And he might not have even been holding a gun.
Indeed, the White House has also since "revised" the claim Osama had a gun.
According to the Pentagon's new narrative, as relayed by Carney, Osama was unarmed, and a woman, Osama's wife, in the room with him rushed the U.S. "assaulter" and was shot in the leg but not killed. Another woman was killed on a different floor when she was caught in "crossfire," Carney said.

Despite the lack of a gun, Carney said the Navy Seal team "met resistance throughout" the operation. When asked how bin Laden resisted when he was unarmed, Carney said: "Resistance does not require a firearm."
We'll have you know, he threw a very dangerous shoe at us!

The fact of the matter is, they should be releasing HD video of this whole event, the White House supposedly watched it live, they need to release the video and ALL evidence they have if they want their propaganda to be believed, releasing one picture showing a mangled face is not going to cut it.

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