Police Officer Breaks Reporters Camera For Filming On Public Sidewalk

by Rob, CopBlock
Cop Block
Apr. 21, 2011

Milwaukee Police Officer Joseph Anderer did not want any recording of his colleagues ticketing a victim who was broadsided April 5, 2011 by a speeding police car that exited an alley without stopping.

So he twisted the camera from reporter Geoff Davidian’s hand, breaking the lens. Anderer cited Davidian for interfering with issuance of a citation, although no citation was issued (except to Davidian) by any of the police in the six squad cars and a motorcycle that responded for 90 minutes.

The citizen whose car sustained damage from the speeding police car was issued a warning. During the incident, Anderer said, “You reporters never tell the truth.” So we’ll let the camera do the talking in this video.

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